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Will James

Biomedical Animator


Will_profileAs a MSc-qualified scientific animator & illustrator, I am passionate about communicating complex biomedical concepts through engaging and scientifically precise visuals.

This is built on a foundation of more than 15 years of biomedical research experience in diverse areas such as IVF, microsurgery, and in-vivo imaging techniques (eg. intravital confocal microscopy, micro-ultrasound and micro-CT) in a range of animal inflammatory models.
In 2013 I established a biomedical animation & illustration service called BioMation, based in the Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute. Since then BioMation has transitioned to an independent service providing these services to external clients. Some of my recent projects have included a series of animations for the re-developed entrance foyer in the new Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute and a promotional animation for the Oventus O2Vent sleep apnoea device. Previous projects have included animations for a secondary level biology textbook, a short animation for the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science 2014 opening video (see 1:34min, just don’t blink!); a 12 minute educational animation for medical students for Andrology Australia, and a 3D animated model of embryonic mouse brain anatomy for a research group in Trinity College Dublin. In addition to figures published in high-impact journals including Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, and Pharmacology & Therapeutics, my biomedical animation was also featured in an article published by the Victorian Platform Technology Network (VPTN).

Humans are visual creatures, so biomedical animation is a powerful tool to ‘bring to life’ the microscopic and macroscopic mysteries of biomedicine. These visuals can be tailored to resonate with your peers, patients, students, customers or non-scientific audiences.










Oventus O2Vent sleep apnoea device animation for product launch (Client: Oventus) (BioMation).

Experimental chemotherapeutic drug screening using cancer-derived organoid cell bundles                           (Client: Monash BDI) (BioMation).

TOM Complex located in outer mitochondrial membrane. (Client: Monash BDI) (BioMation).

Complement membrane attack complex formed on the surface on pathogenic bacterial cells, causing cell lysis (Client: Monash BDI) (BioMation).

Selected past projects produced by BioMation.

Left view_Male Repro_Flaccid Penis with Bulbo still_labelled_Watermarked

Mechanisms of Erection and Ejaculation (Client: Andrology Australia)