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Maja Divjak

Science Animator, GTAC


MeWithLaptopFinal copy2I am really interested in biomedical animation for the purposes of scientific education and illustration of biological processes. Many people are frightened of science, both the ideas and the language. I wish to remove this fear by making science accessible, through the use of visual, 3d representations, rather than abstract concepts.
I have many years of research experience, including a PhD in molecular biology, where I studied an inflammatory protein implicated in causing asthma and how it is affected by inhaled corticosteroid medication. I followed this with scientific sales, finally realising my desire to bring art and science together with multimedia studies and an intensive 3d animation course at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Recently, I was privileged to work as a biomedical animator at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, with internationally acclaimed animator Dr Drew Berry. I am currently resident Science Animator at GTAC.
I ultimately hope that my animations will help people appreciate the beauty and drama going on in their own bodies at any given moment.



  • 60 Second Science Competition 2011- Australian Open Division, Winner
  • Raw Science Film Festival 2016- Official Selection
  • Doctors without Borders Film Festival 2017- Award of Exceptional Merit for Environmental/Health PSA and Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery and Award of Excellence for SFX Animation




Twitter: @maja_divjak









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