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Andrew Lilja

Research Scientist and Animator, University of Melbourne



The incredible complexity and scale of biological processes can be very difficult to comprehend. I hope to use biomedical animation to make science more accessible to all and to inspire future generations of scientists. In 2014 I completed a Certificate II in 3D Animation from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and have otherwise largely been self-taught.

With a background in biomedical science and stem cell engineering, I currently work as a post-doc in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (University of Melbourne), specialising in the development of novel test agents for chronic lung disease. My research experience spans molecular and cellular biology, drug design, toxicology and clinical research. Outside of the lab, I engage with fellow researchers, educators and industry collaborators to produce multimedia content to suit their needs.

As cutting-edge technology delves deeper into the unknown, science visualisation for education and public outreach is now more important than ever.






Twitter: @andylilja

LinkedIn: Andrew Lilja








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