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Michael Kuiper

Computational Scientist and 3D Modeller


mikekOne of my favourite science quotes of all time is by Richard Feynman; “Everything that living things do can be understood in terms of jiggling and wiggling of atoms.” To me this is a profound concept; all of life’s amazing complexity resulting from the motions and interactions of minuscule particles. Molecules of course are difficult enough to see on their own, let alone when they are in motion vibrating billions of times per second in biological processes. Computational modelling and visualization allows us to glimpse how this invisible world may work, helping unlock clues to the processes of health and disease.

Currently I work at the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative, helping researchers model proteins and other biomolecules on supercomputers. I’ve had a long standing interest in simulation and visualization, and more recently, 3D printing of these biological complexes. During my PhD I spent long hours in freezers plus seasons fishing in Antarctica while researching antifreeze proteins. I certainly miss the penguins.



Twitter:  @mikekuiper





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