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The Department of Physiology at UniMelb has used an existing adaptive eLearning platform, Smart Sparrow, to deliver rich media content to students.

Sarcoplasmic reticulum and t-tubules
To see an example of these adaptive lessons, click here.

With a mixture of text, images, and video, students are able to navigate through the pre-reading modules, answering questions along the way. If a student answers incorrectly, they can then be directed to follow-up questions before returning to the main question pathway. Smart Sparrow also provides analytics including time spent per question, the pathways that students followed and can send grades to Grade Centre in LMS.


For biomedical research and teaching, Smart Sparrow also powers the Biomedical, Education, Skills and Training (BEST) Network, designed to encourage collaboration between academics and provide tools and training that can enhance teaching across biomedical groups worldwide. University staff in biomedical disciplines already have access to these resources, and are encouraged to test these tools for use in their own subjects.

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