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Monthly Archive: March 2015

Respiratory Systems

A short video indicating the location of some of the major components of the respiratory system in humans. Using different materials and fading objects in and out, we can highlight individual objects to assist students in identifying structures that would be otherwise obscured when using a solid material. Text labels[…]

Life animated in 3D: Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes

In Australia, one in four people over the age of 85 suffer from Alzheimer’s and about one million of us live with diabetes. There are very few of us untouched in some way by these diseases. And yet how well do most people understand them? A joint project between the[…]

Prion Proteins

Prion proteins are found on the surface of many different cells, but their role is not entirely clear. Interestingly, mis-folded forms of the protein have the ability to become infectious and corrupt other normal folded prion proteins causing disease such as Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (better known as[…]