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Character Design: Blip the Blood Vessel Microbot

Meet the future of cardiovascular therapy: a blood vessel microbot that keeps your arteries in tip-top shape from the inside. Reminiscent of the classic 1966 sci-fi film Fantastic Voyage, this whimsical animation was created as part of a short course completed at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. While character development[…]

Intro: Pharmacology for Health Professionals

Receptor binding, a pill, a backboard full of pharmacological concepts? Why, it must be the lecture series intro for Pharmacology for Health Professionals! The online ‘flipped classroom’ style lectures facilitate a more engaging use of in-class teaching time.  Extra points if you can guess the chemical structure on the board….[…]

Mouse Embryo

An exercise to improve 3d modeling skills, following a tutorial created by Eric Keller on Molecular Movies.  Here we can see a mouse embryo developing in one of the many uteri found in an adult female mouse. Autodesk Maya software was used.

‘Flu Neuraminidase Tetramer Simulation

Neuraminidase is an important virulence factor in flu infections. The protein cleaves glycosidic linkages of neuraminic acids, thus allowing the maturing viral particles from its host cell. Certain drugs are able to inhibit this enzyme, limiting the replication of the virus. Here is a simulation of the neuraminidase tetramer with[…]